The Flash’s Grant Gustin Wants Fans To Keep Calling It The Arrowverse

The Arrowverse

The Arrowverse is about to lose its founding father, as Arrow is reaching its end with its abbreviated eighth season. This will likely have big ramifications for the franchise as a whole, but one that’s been troubling fans is: what do we call this shared universe now? Does it still make sense to label it the Arrowverse when Arrow‘s no longer in the ‘verse?

Stephen Amell has previously requested that we continue with the classic name, just to keep the legacy of the show that started it all and created the franchise in the first place. And it turns out that’s something The Flash‘s Grant Gustin agrees with, too. One common option for a new name is the Flashverse, seeing as that would be the senior series following Arrow‘s end. However, Gustin told that he wants the title of the franchise to stay as it is.

“It stays the Arrowverse. It’s fair.”

That sounds about right, really. For one, it’d be tough to shake away the habit of calling it the Arrowverse after so many years. We all know it as the Arrowverse so the Arrowverse it shall stay, as per Amell and Gustin’s wishes. Unless, of course, the cast of Supergirl or Legends of Tomorrow announce they want to name the franchise after them and reopens this can of worms.

That said, it will be a very different Arrowverse following the exit – and probable death – of the Green Arrow. The five-part “Crisis on Infinite Earths,” the biggest event to hit The CW so far, is set to tear the multiverse apart. As per the comic book storyline, all signs are pointing to the crossover rebooting continuity and setting everything on the same Earth, including Supergirl. 

The Flash returns for its sixth season on October 8th, while Arrow season 8 kicks off a week later on October 15th.