Fox Hails Lucifer With Full Season Order



Having drawn strong ratings for the first four episodes of its second season, it comes as no surprise that Fox has elected to give Lucifer a full season order, effectively extending the episode count of its sophomore run from 13 to 22. The additional nine offerings will not only give the producers more breathing room to develop characters and tell fully realized stories, but also afford viewers more opportunities to indulge in the series’ trademark wit, humor, hedonism and intrigue.

On that note, Fox entertainment president David Madden had this to say regarding the network’s enthusiasm and commitment to the show:

Lucifer continues to deliver, with great blasts of dark humor and ambitious storytelling. The show has turned out to be a true wicked pleasure, the perfect companion to Gotham, and we couldn’t be more pleased to order these nine additional episodes.”

With that, I think it’s safe to say that Lucifer and Gotham will continue as a Monday night prime time pairing for the duration of this television season. The success of both shows, compounded with the impending arrival of Black Lightning, offers Fox a chance to give The CW a run for their money by taking a slice of that sweet, lucrative DC TV pie.

It’s kind of funny that Fox is placing such focus on DC properties on TV considering that their motion picture division deals primarily with Marvel franchises such as X-Men and Fantastic Four. But, then again, Legion is coming soon to sister station FX. I guess that’s the benefit of not being tied down to any one comic book publisher as is the case with Warner Bros. and Disney, who own DC and Marvel, respectively.

Lucifer airs on Monday nights on Fox.

Source: Deadline

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