Fox In Discussion To Bring Back 24 The Series


When naming important, influential shows of the Peak TV era, 24 cannot be omitted from the conversation. Big budget, action-driven episodic espionage is everywhere; the modern popularity of the genre can be traced directly to Kiefer Sutherland’s iconic character Jack Bauer.

Comfortably one of television’s most iconic characters, the veteran counter-terrorist operative headlined eight seasons, feature-length interlude Redemption and miniseries Live Another Day, (which aired four years after 24 had concluded in 2010).

Since, fans have clamored for a revival — with Sutherland admitting as recently as last year that he’d be open to it, provided the story was strong — with Fox revealing that discussions are underway to bring it back.

Fox Entertainment President Michael Thorn confirmed as much to Deadline; people will be salivating at the prospect of Jack shouting “Dammit!” and dispatching more bad guys.

“There’s still a possibility, there’s still some discussions with the producers on a take that we have yet to hear. There are some active creative discussions that are happening.”


Live Another Day ended with Jack surrendering to Russians, having been on the run since the Season 8 finale. This left the door open for a continuation, despite Sutherland’s hopes that he’d be killed off by the end. Spinoff Legacy was a decent action drama, but it proved that 24 doesn’t work without its most famous character.

Plot wise, a jailbreak or political deal would free Jack from prison. Then, at last, fans can witness yet another real-time adventure, ready to save the world from imminent disaster.