FOX Orders Mindy Kaling Pilot, Is The Office Finished?

FOX has ordered up a pilot from actress Mindy Kaling, which will force her to leave her current show, The Office, making her the third star to do so. Last year Steve Carell departed, which came as a shock to all. Then, just yesterday, we reported that Rainn Wilson will be getting his own spin off show for his character Dwight, which will force him from the show too. Finally, today, Vulture tells us that Kaling will be leaving as well so she can work on her show for FOX.

With Kaling, Wilson and Carell all gone, the show is likely going to come to an end. It’s been terrible this season without Carell and once Kaling and Wilson are gone, the quality will likely slip even further. And even if NBC does try to keep it going, it won’t be long before other stars start to leave. In fact, John Krasinski, who plays Jim, has stated that this will likely be his last season.

As for Kaling’s show, it will have her star as a “young Bridget Jones type doctor trying to navigate both her personal and professional lives.” Apparently NBC had the chance to pick it up but passed on it, which is a sign that they are going to put at end to The Office quite soon.

If they really wanted to keep their hit comedy series going, they could have picked up the pilot and ensured that it wouldn’t interfere with Kaling’s role on The Office. Plus, the network hasn’t even officially picked up The Office for season nine yet, which is another bad sign.

As it stands, everything point to The Office ending after this season. And really, like I said, it’s about time. This season has been so bad and despite being one of my favorite shows of all time, I think that ending it may not be such a bad idea. If they carried into a ninth season, it would just get even worse. At least if it goes out now, it will still leave with some dignity.