Frank Castle Takes On Some Goons In New Punisher Season 2 Set Photos


Try as he might, Frank Castle is still finding it difficult to avoid the paparazzi.

Jon Bernthal’s dangerous one-man-army is back on the streets of Hell’s Kitchen this week in these new set photos for The Punisher season 2. And as you can probably tell, production on the Marvel/Netflix series is now well underway.

Seen below, the pics in the gallery show Frank taking on some goons as well as catching a few quieter moments with characters like Agent Madani and Curtis. What exactly they’re up to, we can’t say for sure, and that secrecy spans the entire story of The Punisher season 2 – so far, at least – as neither Marvel nor Netflix have given us anything official regarding Castle’s second coming just yet.

For the time being, then, we’ll have to make do with set photos, beginning with this new batch below:

Though plot details are still non-existent, casting calls have suggested a couple of comic book storylines that might be adapted for the screen in season 2 of the hit show. Namely, “Suicide Run,” which sees Frank recovering from a near-death experience, and “Slavers,” an infamously dark story arc that explores sex slavery.

Of course, we also expect Marvel to tackle Billy Russo’s transformation into Jigsaw, the Punisher’s arch-enemy from the comics. Frank already brutally disfigured his face by repeatedly ramming his head into a mirror, but the season 1 finale stopped short of showing us what had become of him. We’re betting he’s not going to be pleased with what the titular antihero’s done to him next time we see him, though.

With filming now underway, expect more details on The Punisher season 2 to surface in the not too distant future.