Frank Darabont Fires Writers From The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead is doing very well. The first season is just about over but it has done extremely well with both critics and audiences. A second season has been ordered and the show is showing all signs of a hit. It would seem like all is well with The Walking Dead team, apparently not though. Deadline is telling us that writer/executive producer/director Frank Darabont has fired his entire team of writers, straight up. He got rid of all of them. Now while shows are known to change up writers, completely firing an entire team is unusual.

Apparently, the idea is to go into the second season without a writing team and just assign scripts to freelance writers. While this has been done before, it’s not the best move, at least not in my opinion. The Walking Dead is a new show and they’re off to a great start, why make a drastic change like this, why not just keep things the way they are?

Hopefully this isn’t bad news for the show. I’m really enjoying it and I really want to see them put out a great second season.

Your thoughts?