Sin City TV Series In Development, Robert Rodriguez May Direct

Sin City

Grab your monochromatic glasses and prep your throat to growl a lot, because we’re going back to Sin City, folks! And I ain’t talking about Las Vegas, either. Yeah, I’m talking about Frank Miller’s comic book series, the one that spawned the warmly received 2005 film adaptation and its sequel. And now, we’re getting another follow-up, but this time on the small screen.

The crime noir show was successfully optioned by Legendary this week, who’ve agreed to produce at least one season for a streaming service. They’re also courting the films’ co-director Robert Rodriguez to return, too, but that’s not confirmed just yet. What is confirmed, though, is that Legendary has also brought on some of Miller’s people, like Silenn Thomas and Stephen L’Heureux, the latter of whom produced A Dame To Kill For, which I’d like to forget exists.

Apparently, also contingent on this deal is Miller getting to produce an animated prequel series to go tandem with the new live-action show. Damn, he’s quite the savvy businessman, eh?


While the last film Miller directed, the not-great The Spirit, wasn’t a success, his visual panache and knack for stylized storytelling seem to be a good fit for TV. With Rodriguez’s help, maybe we’ll get some crazy kinetic series to binge at a pulse-pounding pace. Heck, that Watchmen show seems to be doing well (I love the music at least), so why not let Sin City loose on a streaming platform and see if its muted-yet-bright palate can make it stand out.

In any case, it’s still early days here, but the property can definitely flourish on the small screen and it’ll be interesting to see which streaming service it ultimately calls home. As always, watch this space for more.