Franklin & Bash Review: “Strange Brew” (Season 2, Episode 1)

Franklin & Bash is one of the few dramas to end cliffhanger free last season. In fact, the finale, Go Tell It on the Mountain was one of my favorite episodes of the entire first season. While we got to know the men rather well last year, we realize in the season 2 premiere that not much has changed for our two quirky lawyers.

The episode opens with Franklin and Bash up to their normal courtroom tricks. In order to prove that a glass tank is faulty, Bash locks Franklin in it. Upon revealing that the emergency escape does not work, Bash attempts to recuse Franklin by unlocking the lock, insisting that it is defective too. Finally, Bash’s ultimate goal is reached when the man on trail reveals that his products are not made stateside, but in China.

Shortly thereafter, the show cuts to a meeting at Infeld Daniels’. As Infeld receives a note from his secretary, he asks everyone but the partners to leave the room. Upon the dismissal, he informs the partners that: “our little experiment with Franklin and Bash has concluded.”  While assumptions are made, the show cuts to the two men being greeted by an old friend, Robby.

Upon talking with Robby they discover he has recently been arrested for drinking on the beach during a costume party. During this altercation, he was determined the woman in question was not an actual police officer, but merely a woman dressed in costume. The duo promptly agree to take the case to end Robby’s worries of losing his job.

Shortly thereafter, Infeld tells them both he has proposed that they become partners at the firm, which will give them even more power. He reveals that they must attain a two-thirds vote from the other partners to gain the prestigious honor. To ensure this will happen, Infeld suggests that the two try to sign Lawrence Reynolds as a client.

The two agree to take a meeting with Reynolds, who reveals how impressed he is by the various techniques Franklin and Bash use in the courtroom. Larry also insists that the two go to a commercial shoot with him. Considering the duo wakes up hungover the next day, this might not have been the best idea for them. This is confirmed when Infeld calls to inform them that Larry was arrested last night and is insisting that Franklin and Bash bail him out.

Using inside info that they have on a judge, the boys get Reynolds released. Larry then reveals that there is a local company attempting to sell a microbrew that Larry’s company owns the rights to. If they can get the local company to stop this, he will hire the firm.

Feeling confident with themselves, Robby’s trial begins, but does not go according to either lawyers’ plan. Frustrated after their day in court, Bash goes to a bar where Wendy, the arresting officer, is having a drink. Sitting down with her, he explains that Robby does not want to lose his job over a misunderstanding. Wendy takes the time to put the hold she used to restrain Robby on Bash in the bar, which becomes important later on in the trial.

Moving from one courtroom to another, Larry’s case takes center stage.  The two men are confident the case will never go to trail.  However, the woman’s lawyer argues that the rules of the contest require that her father get drunk, therefore negating his signature when he signed the rights to his beer away. He also argues that Larry’s brewery should be closed down and that his client should receive $100 million dollars in punitive damages. The judge rules in favor of the restaurant and agrees to a trial.

Knowing they are in trouble, Franklin realizes they must find a way to prove that the contract is legally binding. Once in court, Franklin asks the woman about the origin of the recipe. As she explains the various ingredients, Franklin points out that according to the rules, all ingredients must be grown in California. Because she reveals that her father did not grow the yeast in California, the win over thirty years ago is invalid and gives her no claim to the recipe.

Winning the case, the two men have Larry’s devotion and Infeld Daniels has gained another priority client. Despite how impressed Larry is by the twosome’s win in the courtroom, he wants to sue the woman for her father’s prize money, including interest.

Moving forward with Robby’s case, Robby mentions to Bash that he has a love for sunscreen, giving Bash a brilliant idea. As unorthodox as it might seem, Bash puts on the same costume that Robby was wearing the night in question, complete with sunscreen. He asks Wendy to demonstrate the hold she put on Robby and himself in the bar, showing the entire room that the hold is easily broken while wearing the sunscreen, proving Robby’s initial reasoning.

After winning both cases, Infeld gives the duo the good news that they have made partner. When explaining to him that they have no desire to counter-sue the woman for her father’s winnings, Infeld insists that they must. They explain that if this is what it takes to be partners, they no longer have any desire to become partners at the firm. Subsequently, Infeld makes a phone call to Damian explaining, “Unfortunately you were right. I need you to pull the trigger.”

Despite hating the idea of Larry’s counter-suit, Franklin and Bash are still partners and able to finally hire their assistants, Carmen and Pindar, as actual employees of the firm. As they give the exciting news to the assistants, the guys receive a phone call from Larry which ends with him telling them to drop the suit.

While the Franklin & Bash season two premiere was one of the more interesting episodes yet, I hope that Damian and Hanna’s attempt to knock the quirky lawyers off their pedestals is handled in a less mature way. The two lawyers have been mature from the get go but something tells me they will have to resort to some odd antics of their own to take down Franklin and Bash, which will be great for their character development.

I also hope that we get more of the assistants in future weeks. They didn’t appear much this week but when they did they were always very welcome. Hopefully now that they are officially hired we’ll be able to see more of them.

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