Freddie Highmore Goes A Bit Psycho In Bates Motel

Not so long ago we reported that Vera Farmiga had been cast as Mother Bates in A&E’s Psychoprequel series Bates Motel. Now, Hit Fix reports that Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’Freddie Highmore has been cast as Norman Bates. The creepiest mother/son relationship in film is definitely beginning to take shape.

Highmore already has quite a few roles under his young belt.  He starred opposite Johnny Depp in both Finding Neverland and in Tim Burton’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Having worked with Tim Burton will perhaps give Highmore the edge of creepiness that is necessary to play the iconic role of Norman Bates. He certainly has an even heftier task than Farmiga in filling Anthony Perkins’s turtle neck. He does have that innocent look that Perkins possessed though; certainly more innocent than Vince Vaughn in Gus van Sant’s ill-advised Psycho remake.

A&E ordered the Bates Motel series without even a pilot, which shows they have great faith in a prequel to one of the most iconic thrillers of all time. The show had better be well-done, not to mention well-received, to even hope to match the success of the original film.

With Farmiga in the role of Mrs. Bates and now the young but experienced Freddie Highmore set to take on Norman, A&E might very well be justified in their faith.

Production on Bates Motel begins in October and it will premiere on A&E in 2013.