Lisa Kudrow would love to see ‘Friends’ rebooted with a new cast


The push for a Friends reboot wouldn’t be stuck in second gear, at least if one of the show’s beloved stars had their way.

When Lisa Kudrow was asked about a possible reboot at the premiere of the upcoming Disney comedy Better Nate Than Ever, the Friends star gasped and exclaimed that she “would love to see what that would be.” At first, Kudrow thought interviewer Kaelyn Ryan was asking about a reboot with the former cast reprising their roles as Phoebe, Ross, Chandler, Monica, Joey, and Rachel, which she shot down without hesitation.

“I don’t think there’s gonna be a Friends reboot, I mean not with any of us in it, not that (creators) Marta (Kauffman) and David (Crane) are writing. But a reboot, you mean they hire other actors?”

An image of modern-day Friends flashed in front of Kudrow’s eyes, and she went all-in with a strong emphasis on seeing a new cast of characters inherit the iconic roles of the Central Perk sextet.

“I would love to see what the now version of that would be. No, not in it, not in it. I would love to see what that would be.”

Last year’s HBO Max exclusive Friends: The Reunion may be the last time we get all six original characters together in the familiar setting, then, during which Kudrow shot down any idea of a movie or more episodes to come.

And yet, the old cast could hypothetically star in a reboot without altering the “happy ending” storyline. Who’s to say that one, or even several of the former Friends stars couldn’t pop up, similar to how the legacy cast of Saved by the Bell have made their presence felt in the Peacock revival.