Fringe Season 5 Trailer Released, John Noble Receives Medical Help

Despite the excellent critical reaction it receives, Fringe is the kind of show you’d expect to be cancelled pretty early in its run given the low ratings and sci-fi premise. It wouldn’t be the first time it happened (Firefly anyone?) nor will it ever be the last. Yet, thanks to the strong fanbase of the show, it gets to do what a lot of others never could: end on its own terms.

Today, FOX has finally decided to release the trailer for the upcoming season that was shown during Comic-Con earlier this month. While it doesn’t provide much new footage, it’s enough to get any fan pumped up for what promises to be an exciting final season.

J.H. Wyman will run the show by himself when it comes back this Fall and he promises that this season will be the best one yet. Fans will remember that there was an entire episode in season four that took place in the year 2036 where the Observers had taken over the planet. What we know so far about the next season is that it will continue after the events of that episode and will see the Fringe team make their stand against the Observers.

In related news, TV Line reports that John Noble is currently receiving medical treatment for a sleeping disorder that was partly aggravated due to his busy travel schedule in the past few weeks. As a result, production was halted for two weeks and will resume on August 7th. The producers are certain that this will not affect the September premiere date.

Speaking of Noble, fans are hoping that the final season might earn the actor the Emmy win that he’s deserved for the past four years.

Fringe will return for its final season on September 28, 2012.

Check out the awesome trailer below.

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