Full House Could Be Getting A Television Reboot



Is the world ready for a reboot of the hit late-80s/early-90s TV show Full House? Wait, don’t answer that yet. First consider that the show continues to have a long shelf-life on Nick at Nite, averaging 1.5 million viewers last year. It is also still one of the most successful sitcoms to come out of the 80s, with whole generations growing up on the trials and tribulations of the Tanner family. It’s hardly surprising then that Warner Brothers television is considering a whole-sale reboot of Full House.

TV Guide (via /Film) reports that John Stamos is involved in pushing for the reboot. Stamos, if you recall, played Uncle Jesse on the show and also happens to have an ownership stake in it (and he hasn’t exactly been in high demand recently). Bob Saget and David Coulier have also both expressed interest, as well as pretty much everyone else who was regular on Full House, with the exception of the Olsen Twins. What’s more, the script is being written by original show creator Jeff Franklin, with executive producer Bob Boyett backing it up. It sounds like they’re at least trying to get the whole team back together for this.

The question remains as to whether it will be worthwhile to reboot Full House. The show might still be popular in reruns, but I have feeling that it’s more to do with nostalgia than any intrinsic interest in a new version of the show. Still, with the involvement of the original cast and producers, there’s a chance it might be able to capture the magic again.

It’s not clear yet what form a Full House reboot would take, though we can assume that it will bring back the Tanners in a new generation, putting everyone together in a big house with some of our favorites coming in and out. The reboot does not have network involvement yet, but that will come in time. We’re just going to have to wait and see what happens.

Source: /Film

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