Full List Of Cancelled TV Shows For 2011

As inevitable as it is having a bunch of new television shows debut in a given year is expecting that more than three quarters of them will be canceled before the season comes to an end. It’s the natural order of things, with only a handful of shows surviving and an even smaller percentage with healthy growing ratings. This year a ton of shows got axed, more than usual, with an equal amount of new and old programs getting booted off the air.

Today, all the networks announced the full lineup of the television shows that will not be returning for another season on their respective channels. The list includes an assortment of shows, some lucky enough to get this far (Brothers and Sisters/ Smallville), unlucky time slot victims, (Perfect Couples), critical darlings (The Chicago Code) and the over budgeted (Law and Order: LA). Take a look below and see if there are any genuine surprises or feelings of sadness for the cut programs that will be joining the ever popular television dumping ground of former canceled shows. Any specific favorites?

‘Better With You’
‘Brothers & Sisters’
‘Detroit 1-8-7’
‘Mr. Sunshine’
‘My Generation’
‘No Ordinary Family’
‘Off the Map’

‘America’s Next Great Restaurant’
‘The Cape’
‘The Event’
‘Friday Night Lights’
‘Law & Order: LA’
‘The Paul Reiser Show’
‘Perfect Couples’
‘School Pride’

‘Breaking In’
‘The Chicago Code’
‘Human Target’
‘Lie to Me’
‘Lone Star’
‘Running Wilde’
‘Traffic Light’


‘The Defenders’
‘Mad Love’
‘$#*! My Dad Says’

‘Life Unexpected’

(Source: TVSquad.com)