FX Acquires Ridley Scott And Tom Hardy’s Period Drama Series Taboo


With Ridley Scott, Tom Hardy and Locke director Steven Knight attached to the project, it was only a matter of time before the high-profile BBC drama Taboo was picked up by a North American network. Well, today we’ve learned through Deadline that the project has indeed been acquired by FX, with production set to get underway during the latter stages of 2015.

Taking place in 1813, the series was created by Knight based on an original idea by Hardy and his father, Chips Hardy. Following James Keziah Delaney (Hardy), the eight-episode season tells the tale of a rogue go-getter who returns home after a trip to Africa saw him recover no less than 14 precious diamonds. Soon, though, Delaney is placed at the head of the family business following the passing of his father, teeing up a narrative that will see Hardy’s stubborn visionary attempt to start up a shipping and trade company of his own.

In a statement, FX spoke highly of the project following the closure of the deal, and touched upon how the inherent familial dynamic will set the drama apart.

“We are privileged to have landed Taboo and to work with this exceptional team led by Ridley, Tom and Steven,” said FX’s Eric Schrier. “Tom’s passion for this project, from conceiving the original idea with his father to portraying James Delaney, promises to infuse this epic story with great personal passion and credibility.”

Given that production on Taboo isn’t set to begin until late next year, we don’t expect Hardy and Co. to arrive on the small screen until some point in 2016. Still, with the talent both in front of and behind the camera, we can’t help but be excited about the period drama.

Source: Deadline