Gael García Bernal Reportedly Starring In Marvel’s Werewolf By Night


At the end of August, we heard that Marvel Studios was developing a mysterious Halloween special set in the cinematic universe that would stream exclusively on Disney Plus, but that’s about as far as the initial story went.

However, it was claimed shortly afterward that it would be an adaptation of Werewolf by Night, a mantle that several characters have taken up over the years. The most famous is the conveniently-named Jack Russell, a famed adversary of Moon Knight, although Jake Gomez was introduced into comic book continuity last year.

werewolf by night

The last semi-solid update we got came from another speculative source, touting that a Latino actor in their 30s was being sought to lead the project. However, The Wrap is now offering that 42-year-old Gael García Bernal is set to play the lead role, with production scheduled to begin early next year, presumably to have Werewolf by Night hit Disney Plus in time for spooky season.

We should stress that this hasn’t been confirmed by anyone from Disney or Marvel as of yet, but Bernal would be a solid addition to the vast MCU empire, and the prospect of seeing him turn into a werewolf is enough to get fans excited over a character that may not be too well-known among casual audiences.