Galaxy Quest TV Show Finally Moving Ahead

The long-touted Galaxy Quest TV series from Amazon looks to be finally going places. The small screen sequel to the cult favourite 1999 sci-fi comedy movie of the same name has been talked about for a while, but due to various hiccups, it’s never progressed very far. Until now, that is.

The Hollywood Reporter has revealed today that Paul Scheer has been appointed as the series’ showrunner, while the movie’s writer, Robert Gordon, is on hand to exec produce. From what we understand, the project will provide a new, fresh take on the cult film, though it’s unclear whether any of the original stars will be returning.

For those unfamiliar, Galaxy Quest was a loving, very meta pastiche of Star Trek and sci-fi fandom as a whole. It featured an amazing cast, including Tim Allen, Sigourney Weaver, Alan Rickman, Tony Shalhoub and Sam Rockwell, as a bunch of washed-up actors from a beloved sci-fi TV series. Things get crazy when a bunch of aliens in need kidnap them, believing them to actually be the space-faring heroes from the show. The film was a critical smash and has amassed a very devoted fanbase over the years, thus making any kind of continuation a truly exciting prospect.

This news is especially promising as we’ve heard conflicting reports about the idea of a Galaxy Quest revival over the years. Back in 2015, it was said that Amazon were working on a television adaptation. Then, last year, Sam Rockwell stated that Galaxy Quest 2, a proper sequel, was going to be made…until the untimely death of Alan Rickman caused the project to be cancelled.

Now, however, everything looks to be back on track, only on the small screen instead of the big. And that’s perfectly alright. In our eyes, we’re just happy to learn that we haven’t seen the last of Galaxy Quest. As we said above, there’s a very loyal and passionate fanbase for the property and be it a film, TV show or something else entirely, more of these characters can only be a good thing.