Game Of Thrones Fans Freaking Out Over Jon Snow Learning He Had Sex With His Aunt

Game of Thrones

God, humans are great. We can take things as unfunny as incest and murder, and just make them gut-bustingly funny. Especially when Game of Thrones, Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen are involved.

The eighth and final season of GoT finally kicked off last night on HBO and boy, was it great. Memes are already taking over the internet, involving Jon and Arya, Samwell and Dany, Jaime and Bran and, last but most definitely not least, Jon and Dany.

In case you missed it, Jon and Dany finally met last season…what was it, two years ago? And, in true Game of Thrones style, they hooked up. In that same style, though, it turns out that they’re also related.

So, how are Twitter users taking it? As well as usual…

This first one is mild. As in, Jon looks only mildly perplexed.

Slightly more nauseated now.

Of course, how could the classic ‘sad Jon Snow in the snow’ be left out?

Also, that look when you realize she’s your aunt.

Ah, there we go. Dragon-sized guilt trip.

Let’s hope Bran is too busy giving Jaime Lannister the stink eye to realize what Jon and Dany are doing.

Khal’s even getting in on this now.

I’m not entirely sure this tweeting brilliance would have happened had Samwell not clued Jon in. But can you blame him? Sam had just found out that Dany had executed his father and brother.

Why not throw a little shade at the queen?

This could go on for hours, thanks to Twitter and people with access to endless GIFs, but tell us, how did you like the season premiere of Game of Thrones? Sound off in the comments section below with your thoughts.

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