Prepare For Sunday’s Grand Finale With Last Promo For Game Of Thrones Season 7


Last night, Game of Thrones ventured “Beyond the Wall,” resulting in one of the most intense, far-reaching episodes in the show’s decorated history.

Flanked by a motley crew of thieves, crooks, and the Brotherhood Without Banners, Jon Snow (Kit Harington) marched north in the hope of capturing a Wight – resurrected minions of the Night King, essentially – and bringing it back to the land of the living, where Cersei (Lena Headey) and Daenerys (Emilia Clarke) continue to wage war from a distance. The mission took a turn for the worse, though, when the Night King surrounded Jon in a manner that evoked memories of the Boltons circling the Stark army at the foothills of Winterfell.

But whereas Kit Harington’s King of the North was rescued at the 11th hour by the Knights of the Veil, “Beyond the Wall” delivered on the show’s promise of ice and fire by ordering Dany and her three dragons north, where they reigned fire down upon the hapless Wights. A shocking twist resulted in the death (and subsequent resurrection) of Viserion (see below), which will surely have some far-reaching consequences as we brace for season 7’s as-yet-untitled finale. And in keeping with this year’s breathless nature, the latest promo for Game of Thrones has soared online for your viewing pleasure.

It almost goes without saying at this point, but be wary of spoilers. “Beyond the Wall” is an episode that will be talked about for an awful long time – not least because of its massive scale – so it’d be a shame if you ruined the surprise ahead of time.

As for this all-new promo, far and away the biggest point of contention is Jon Snow crossing paths with Cersei and her Lannister army, while Sansa appears particularly ominous – almost grim reaper-esque – as she looks out over the snow-covered grounds of Winterfell. Perhaps her longstanding disagreement with Arya will have some fatal consequences? We’ll find out very soon.

“There’s only one war that matters and it is here.” On August 27th, Game Of Thrones season 7 reaches its grand finale, one which will surely leave the door ajar for next year’s eighth and final season.