Wait, Did Iain Glen Just Drop A Major Game Of Thrones Spoiler?


When Scottish thesp Iain Glen was first asked about the Game of Thrones finale, he warned viewers that the eighth and final season may prove incredibly divisive when all is said and done – a sentiment echoed by Dark Phoenix‘s Sophie Turner, whose Sansa Stark is currently the acting Lady of the North.

And while that may well be the case, it appears as if Glen has now dropped a major spoiler about Game of Thrones season 8 and, more specifically, the fate of his roguish hero, Jorah Mormont.

While chatting to the Daily Express (h/t ComicBook.com), the actor once again heaped praise on the quality of HBO’s final scripts, before hinting that Mormont will be “one of the lucky ones” who experiences season 8 and lives to tell the tale.

[The scripts] read like the six best scripts. The final scripts are really special. I am one of the lucky ones who made it through!

Not since the build-up to Avengers: Infinity War have we experienced such a thick cloud of uncertainty swirling around one of our favorite franchises. Characters like Tyrion Lannister, Danereys and Jon Snow Aegon Targaryen are ostensibly safe as houses, but if Iain Glen is correct in saying that his Jorah Mormont (AKA the one true squire to Emilia Clarke’s Mother of Dragons) has been marked safe, then there’s no telling how many characters will walk out of season 8 relatively unscathed.

The power players of Westeros come together for the final time when Game of Thrones season 8 premieres in 2019. It’ll be comprised of six hour-long episodes in total – down from the usual lot of 10 – before HBO begins pumping resources into that planned successor series, which may wind up rolling back the clock by a full 10,000 years.

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