Game Of Thrones Casting Update Plus Possible Spoilers From The Set


We’ve got a couple of interesting updates for the currently shooting sixth season of HBO’s Game Of Thrones today.

First up, Watchers On The Wall reports that Ghanaian actress Souad Faress has been cast as a “High Priestess”. Word is she’s currently filming her scenes in Spain, and it’s been speculated that she will be a part of the Dothraki Khalasar that picked up Daenerys at the end of season 5.


Next, we’ve got some details on what could turn out to be a pretty exciting set piece next season. According to set reports, a scene was shot involving Drogon burning down a Dothraki temple, and Dany walking through the flames unscathed. It seems this gains her the “instant adoration” of multiple Kalasars. The scene also purportedly features Jorah and Daario spying on the encampment as they wait to seize the opportunity to rescue their lady love.

Apparently the whole thing culminates in “a huge brawl and a celebratory event,” which could well see Dany back in command of her very own Khalasar again.

Game Of Thrones returns to HBO early next year. Tell us, what are you expecting to see in season 6? Sound off below and let us know.