Game Of Thrones May End With Daenerys Being The Main Villain

Image via HBO

With the final season of Game of Thrones set to continue tonight with its second episode, the show has brought out the Three-Eyed Ravens in fans everywhere. And the premiere has rekindled one exciting, albeit depressing, Iron Throne end game theory that’s making waves on the internet right now: Daenerys Targaryen could end up being the villain of the story.

I’ll give you a moment to collect yourself. Extinguish your torches. Take a nice, deep breath. Ready?

Queen Dany, throughout the show, has gone from being the abused to the abuser many times. She’s burned those who mocked or were disloyal to her. One time, she even had Drogon fry some poor waiter because her horse steak was too well done. Just kidding – that’s actually my prediction for the final scene of the show.

Seriously though, the evidence supporting how she could become the main villain of the series speaks for itself. Despite the faults Samwell’s father and brother may have had, did she really need to have them torched for not taking a knee? Similarly, she’s had this habit in the past of freeing groups of people, but only for personal gain. Taking cities, acquiring armies…you get it. The kinds of things that turn a well-intentioned ruler into a murderous, power-hungry tyrant.

The prospect of her becoming the evil queen is interesting, to say the least. All we hear right now is how her and Jon will become the ultimate beloved power couple. Or how the Night King will freeze the world when he wins the battle. Imagine though the horrors an all-powerful, villainous dragon mother could bring as the one who occupies the Iron Throne.

Game of Thrones airs Sunday nights on HBO, and while we wait to see what else the network has in store for us, head on down to the comments section and share your thoughts with us on an evil Dany and if you’d be into seeing that.