Game Of Thrones Season 3 Infographic Explains Everything

With Game of Thrones season 3 now underway, it’d be fair to assume that many people are having trouble keeping up with the various characters and how they are all connected. Admittedly, the show is tough to follow and after having been off the air for a while, jumping back into season 3 may be a daunting experience to some, especially if you didn’t re-watch season 2 beforehand.

Luckily, TV Duck has provided us with a handy infographic, which can be seen below. It shows all the characters, their houses, the spelling of their names, the motto of each house, how everyone is related and more. It clearly lays everything out and should prove very useful to those who still get confused while watching. Also included in the infographic is a handy map that shows where everything is and how far/close each area is to each other.

As complex as the show is, if you pay attention closely enough then you should be able to keep up. I mean, it’s not that complicated. Considering how many characters there are the showrunners actually do a fine job of keeping everything clean and organized. But still, it’s not hard to see why some viewers may confuse the various names and houses and if you find yourself in that camp, then the infographic below should help.

Game of Thrones is easily one of television’s best shows and if you’re not watching it yet, you’re doing yourself a disservice. Seriously, if you haven’t got into it by this point, go watch season 1, 2 and the season 3 premiere, keep this infographic by your side while you do so, and then tune in this Sunday when season 3 continues with its second episode. Trust us, you won’t regret it.

Do you watch Game of Thrones? Does this infographic help clear anything up? Or are you still hopelessly confused by everything? Let us know in the comments below.