Game Of Thrones Season 7 Spoilers Are Out There, Says Nikolaj Coster-Waldau

When it comes to spoilers, HBO usually has a pretty good handle on Game of Thrones. Sure, it’s not exactly airtight, as a few plot details always tend to leak out ahead of time, but for the most part, the network knows how to keep things under wraps. However, for the upcoming seventh season, it appears that the security measures taken may not have been enough, as according to star Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, the spoilers are out there.

While speaking to the Huffington Post, the actor said that season 7 plot details have already been posted online and at this point, it’s just up to the fans to find them – if they want to, of course.

What’s interesting, though, is every year there are huge spoilers online where people find out real stuff and they will post it, and you go, “Oh my God, they just spoiled the whole season online!” But then, because there’s 10,000 other spoilers out there, they’re not real. It just gets lost in the shuffle… So, it’s all out there by the way … if you can find it.

With the show having now surpassed the source material, it’s becoming harder and harder to predict what’ll happen, not to mention it’s getting tougher to verify the accuracy of the spoilers being posted. At this point, no one really knows what season 7 holds in store, and while there are most definitely more than enough fan theories out there, it’s hard to say which ones are accurate and which ones are simply speculation. Still, if Coster-Waldau is to be believed, the plot details of the upcoming season are now out in the open – we just have to find them by separating the truth from the fiction.

In addition to that, the actor weighed in on whether or not he thinks Jaime will kill his sister, Cersei (a common fan theory, which really gained popularity after that look he gave her in season 6):

“People are really reading into that look … I was just going through my grocery list. I was very into the scene. It’s interesting, though, how much you read into a look like that, because, it’s like, ‘Oh, clearly he’s going to leave her now. There’s no question. This is it. This is reminding him why he killed the Mad King. Now he’s going to go and kill Cersei. There’s no question about it.’ And it might happen, who knows? I mean, I know, but …”

Take that as you will, but it definitely sounds like Cersei may meet her maker at the hands of Jaime. As for the rest of the spoilers, well, as Coster-Waldau says, they are out there, it’s just that we’re not sure what to believe at this point. Thankfully, we don’t have long to go before we find out, as the seventh season of HBO’s Game of Thrones will be with us on July 16th. Will you be tuning in? Do let us know in the usual place.