Gamora Wears Thanos’ Armor In New Poster For What If…? Finale


After eight weeks of vast new realities, Marvel’s What If…? wraps up its first season with its ninth and final episode this Wednesday. The animated series has broken out of its anthology format over the past couple of episodes, with the penultimate installment ending on a major cliffhanger that sets up the heroes of previous episodes coming together to battle the Infinity Stone-wielding Ultron variant. But another new character will also be introduced in the finale, as well.

And it’s a character who was revealed in the show’s marketing months ago that we’ve been waiting all season to meet. This Monday, the official What If…? Twitter account shared a new poster for the finale, which reveals that we’re finally about to get to know an intriguing new Gamora variant who’s wearing her father Thanos’ armor. Specifically, the armor he wore in Avengers: Infinity War.

“Gamora arrives!” reads the caption. “See her in the season finale of Marvel Studios’ #WhatIf, streaming Wednesday on @DisneyPlus.”

From the looks of things, then, this is possibly an alternate Gamora who overtook her adoptive dad to become the most dangerous person in the universe. It’s unknown if she also has eyes on the Infinity Stones, though. If so, this may mean she has an ulterior motive in helping the other heroes – the Guardians of the Multiverse, as they’re being called – beyond just saving reality. But we’ll have to see whether she’ll turn out to be a friend or foe.

Episode 8 concluded with the Watcher coming to Doctor Strange Supreme for help, confirming his return. The trailers have also revealed that Party Thor (introduced in episode 7), Captain Carter (episode 1) and T’Challa Star-Lord (episode 2) will also be back. Episode 6’s Stark-saving Killmonger and a Black Widow variant may also be dropping by.

Don’t miss the What If…? season 1 finale when it debuts on Disney Plus this Wednesday, October 6th.