Ghost Hunter To Disparate From SyFy Show

Ghost Hunter's Grant Wilson will depart the series in May 2012.

Ghost Hunters's Grant Wilson will depart the series in May 2012.

SyFy released a press release today announcing the departure of one of the founding members of its popular show, Ghost Hunters.

Grant Wilson, who founded The Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS) with show co-investigator Jason Hawes nearly twenty years ago, will depart the series this year. The two Rhode Island plumbers created Ghost Hunters for SyFy (then The Sci-Fi Network) in 2004.  Since then, the show has created two spin-offs and has long been the premier paranormal investigation series on television.

Wilson said of his departure from the show:

“It is with mixed emotion that I am announcing my departure from the cast of Ghost Hunters. While paranormal investigating has always been and will remain a passion for me, after enjoying nearly eight successful seasons on television, I have made the decision to leave the series in order to focus on other aspects of my personal life.”

Hawes weighed in too:

“I can’t imagine having a better partner through it all – both on the show and off. Grant and I, along with our spouses and children, are all like one big family. While I fully support his decision to move on from the series, this longtime friendship – as well as our business partnership – will continue off-camera for years to come.”

So what does that mean for paranormal fans?  SyFy President of Original Content Mark Stern had this to say:

 “We respect and support this difficult decision that Grant has made, and wish him all the best in his new endeavors. The hard work, integrity, and compassion that he has consistently brought to his work won’t be easily replaced, but this successful series will find a way to reshape itself as it moves forward.”

Wilson will continue shooting through next month with his last episode expected to air on May 16, 2012. After that he’ll be gone.

Ghost Hunters airs on SyFy on Wednesdays at 9:00 EST.

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