Girls To Continue Through Season Six, If All Goes According To Plan


Girls is a hot show for HBO, maybe sometimes a little too hot. In a recent chat with students at Loyola Marymount University, series producer (and occasional writer) Judd Apatow talked about some of the show’s planned sex-scenes getting axed by HBO for being too graphic. That’s a real shame, because who knows what amazing levels of depravity the show could have reached if not for the concerns of its network. There is good news, too, though: we may very well get another three seasons of Girls after the current one.

Of the aforementioned sex scenes, Apatow said the following:

There have been things on ‘Girls’ where HBO has said to us, ‘If we put this on TV, we literally could lose our license to broadcast. Let’s just say it’s something you see in adult film. Elements of sexual intercourse. The high points of sexual intercourse.

What could be a higher point of sexual intercourse than Adam pulling out of Hannah mid-coitus in a huff of indignation at having been called a weirdo, then tossing his slightly-used condom to the floor? Or Hannah walking in on Ray and Marnie and interrupting them mid-coitus? Or all the various other scenes in which the show has featured mid-coitus embarrassment for one or more of its characters? That will have to be left to your imagination, and probably the imagination of countless writers of Girls erotic fan fiction.

As for the future of the show, Apatow commented, “We’ve talked about doing six seasons. I guess that could change, it’s not set. I think we’re all committed that we’ll do six.” Six seasons… and a movie? That seems like a respectable lifespan for the series. Any longer than that and they’ll have to change the name to Cougar Town, am I right? (I’m not right. That was a terrible thing to say.)

It will be interesting to see what Lena Dunham and crew can do with three more seasons of Girls and where the future will take the titular females. Will Hannah and Adam stay together? Will Jessa kick her drug habit? Is Shoshanna some kind of space alien? Stay tuned for the answers to these questions, and plenty of awkward sex.

Source: Indiewire