Gloomy New Supernatural Season 15 Poster Reminds Us The End Is Nigh

Jensel Ackles Supernatural

To mark Supernatural Day on Sunday, the 15th anniversary of the series premiere, The CW unveiled a brand new poster for the upcoming final few episodes of Supernatural season 15. The record-breaking show’s last season was supposed to have wrapped up in the spring, but it was pulled from the schedules when the pandemic halted production. In some ways, then, it’s like we’ve got a new mini-season to enjoy this fall before the Winchester brothers’ journey comes to an end. And this poster teases that we can expect some gloomy times ahead.

Seen down below, it features Sam (Jared Padalecki), Dean (Jensen Ackles), Castiel (Misha Collins) and Jack (Alexander Calvert) all wearing grim expressions as they stand surrounded by fog. And no wonder they’re looking so down in the dumps, given what their mission in these final episodes is: in order to save the world once again, they have to kill God.

The promos teasing the last seven episodes of the 20-part season have also chosen to hype up the gloom and doom and stress how the odds are not on our heroes’ side. Of course, we’re all hoping that the Winchesters actually manage to come out of this on top and get a happy ending, as we’ve seen them face every kind of terrible fate you can imagine by this point, so it’s fair to say they’ve earned it. However it goes down, though, wrapping up the show after so long will be a tough job.

It’s weird to think this could be the final poster ever released for the series, after an entire decade and a half. It’s been a hell (literally) of a ride, so far, no doubt, but the Impala’s about to pull into its final stop in a couple of months’ time.

Don’t miss Supernatural season 15 when it resumes with episode 14, “Last Holiday,” airing on The CW on Thursday, October 8th.