Godspeed’s Co-Creator Reacts To Seeing Him On The Flash


In the five-year history of The Flash TV series, we’ve certainly seen our share of speedsters come though Central City. Whether they be good or evil, each have made a significant impact on the STAR Labs crew and viewers alike. But if any deserve to be mentioned by name, it’s the show’s first three big bads, those being the Reverse-Flash, Zoom and Savitar.

Due largely in part to the producers relying so heavily on evil speedsters during those early years, seeing any more featuring in wide-sweeping story arcs is less likely to happen. As such, we’ve witnessed threats like the Thinker and Cicada emerge in the time since.

That aside, fans more intimately familiar with comic books began clamoring to see Godspeed. First created by writer Joshua Williamson and artist Carmine Di Giandomenico at the start of the Rebirth era, this fella understandably caught on quickly. In my opinion, there’s no greater name for a Flash villain than “Godspeed.” Really, there’s just such beauty in the simplicity.

Anyways, Williamson himself recently took to Twitter, amazed by the fact that a character he created had been adapted to live action in short order – and he seemed pleased with the results:

“Insane seeing GODSPEED on @CW_TheFlash! When I first saw pictures of the tv costume I couldn’t believe how much they stuck to @DIGIANDOMENIC73’s design! He looks awesome in action! #TheFlash”

If you’ve read the source material, then you know that the producers veered a little left of it. In the comics, Godspeed is actually so fast that he can be in two places at once, and his live action counterpart – even if voiced by B.D. Wong – fell quite short of that. To me, confining him to the future of 2049 felt like a missed opportunity.

Then again, this was probably as much room as the producers felt they had for the character because, like I said, they likely want to avoid having yet another evil speedster serving as big bad. Still, hope remains for the future because a more comics-accurate Godspeed (personality and power-wise) could potentially appear in movies or other TV shows down the line.

The Flash airs on Tuesday nights on The CW.

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