Amazon Announces Good Omens Blu-Ray With Tons Of Special Features


Amazon Prime struck gold earlier this year with Good Omens, a six-part adaptation of the cult favorite comedy fantasy novel that was co-produced with the BBC. Thanks to original co-author Neil Gaiman acting as showrunner and a brilliant cast led by David Tennant and Michael Sheen, the series garnered critical acclaim and earned itself a passionate fanbase. And soon, Good Omens will be yours to relive on home media when its Blu-Ray release arrives this November.

The upcoming Blu-Ray is now available to pre-order on Amazon for around $24.99. As well as all six episodes, it’ll be stuffed full of a heavenly amount of special features. The complete list is below and includes a bunch of featurettes, deleted scenes and audio commentaries. Oh, and a Queen compilation (the band’s music is used heavily in the show).

  • Page To Screen
  • Aziraphale’s World
  • Bookshop Tour
  • Crowley’s World
  • Characters of Good Omens
  • The World of Good Omens
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Storyboard Gallery
  • Concept Art Gallery
  • Costume Design Gallery
  • Queen compilation
  • Good Omens VFX reel
  • Audio commentaries for all six episodes
  • Good Omens Trailer

Good Omens follows Aziraphale the angel (Sheen) and Crowley the Demon (Tennant), two old friends who’ve gone native after millennia on Earth, teaming up to stop the forces of heaven and hell from bringing about the apocalypse. The rest of the cast includes Jon Hamm as the angel Gabriel, Frances McDormand as the voice of God and Benedict Cumberbatch as Satan.

Despite its popularity though, it doesn’t look like a second season is on the cards, or at least it isn’t a priority. Though Amazon’s naturally keen to do more and the stars are willing, Gaiman feels strongly that the story he wants to tell is complete. The same goes for any potential spinoffs. That said, it hasn’t been ruled out completely as the Good Omens season finale did leave the door open for more to explore later down the line. In the meantime, though, fans can continue to imagine Aziraphale and Crowley living happily ever after.