Gorilla Grodd Will Appear In Legends Of Tomorrow Season 3


Legends of Tomorrow had enormous success with bringing villains from its sister shows Arrow and The Flash on board for season 2, and that looks to continue in season 3.

Following from the likes of Reverse-Flash and Black Flash, we’re now learning that Gorilla Grodd is the latest Flash foe to swap the Scarlet Speedster for the crew of the Waverider. Screen Rant are reporting that the psychic primate’s presence in season 3 was confirmed at yesterday’s Television Critics Association. It wasn’t revealed how many episodes Grodd would appear in, but the expense of creating the fully CG character has previously limited the gorilla to only appearing in one or two Flash instalments per season, so we’d expect a similar arrangement when he crosses over onto Legends. 

Last time we saw Grodd he was ruling over Gorilla City, a community of intelligent gorillas in the African jungle of Earth-2. Will the Legends be travelling there when they encounter him, then? Or will the villain find a way to jump over to Earth-1 again, like he did in season 3 of The Flash? Time will tell.

Grodd isn’t the only familiar foe who will be facing off against White Canary, Atom, Firestorm and the rest this season, either. After his role as one of the Legion of Doom last year, Neal McDonough will be back as Damien Darhk. This time, though, he won’t be as much of a lighter-hearted character as he was in season 2 and will be given “real teeth” and “a real sort of sinister presence.”

Amaya Jiwe’s Vixen will also have a very personal nemesis in Kuasa, her own granddaughter who wants to use the family’s Anansi amulet for evil. In a nice bit of cross-media crossover, Kuasa previously appeared in The CW Seed’s Vixen animated web series (Tracy Ifeachor will taking on the role for live-action).

Legends of Tomorrow returns for its third season on Tuesday, October 10th on The CW.

Source: Screen Rant