Promo For Next Week’s Gotham Claims That [SPOILERS] Is Dead


Gotham‘s latest episode saw Selina Kyle finally get her revenge on Jeremiah Valeska for what he did to her last season, stabbing the maniac numerous times. It looked a lot like she’d actually managed to kill him, too, and this new promo for next week’s installment, titled “Pena Dura,” confirms that the proto-Joker is dead. It seems his demise will be the cause of celebration for the rest of Gotham’s criminal underworld as well.

Let’s be honest for a second, though. No one really believes that Jeremiah’s going to stay dead for long, right? For one, death is rarely permanent on Gotham – unless you’re Bruce’s parents, of course – and the Valeska boys themselves have died or at least been seriously maimed several times by this point. What puts the icing on the cake is that some of the earlier trailers have featured footage of the character not yet seen this season, while we also know there’s an episode to come that’ll explore the true origins of the Joker.

Episode 5×07 is titled “Ace Chemicals,” which can only mean one thing – it’ll see Cameron Monaghan’s pale-faced villain finally become the Clown Prince of Crime. The actor has remained tight-lipped about what the outing will involve, but he has promised that it’s “really, really f*cking cool.” So, at the very least, that suggests his character gets something to do, rather than just be dead.

The promo above also teases the arrival of Eduardo Dorrance, Jim Gordon’s old army buddy who’s apparently come to aid Gotham in its time of need. We know, however, that Dorrance has more sinister intentions in mind as it’s been revealed that Shane West’s character will become Bane – well, at least some version of him – later on this season.

Suffice it to say, this is one episode you won’t want to miss out on, so be sure to tune in when Gotham 5×05 “Pena Dura” airs next Thursday, January 31st on FOX.