7 Characters Who Should Be On Season 3 Of Gotham

7) Sofia Falcone-Gigante


Coming across like a feminist Michael Corleone, Sofia is the heir to the Falcone crime empire. A strong female character in every sense possible, she has the credentials of being part of a classic, 1996’s The Long Halloween. Utterly devoted to the Falcone family (her father Carmine in particular), she is willing to go to any lengths to ensure its position as the ruling class of Gotham’s crime industry.

What would make her inclusion most interesting is the standing her father Carmine currently finds himself in: broken in both mind and wallet. She could easily act as the catalyst for his return, which would the crime boss the motivation required to take revenge on those who deposed him.

She also expresses a disdain for supervillains of all descriptions, raising a fascinating moral question of whether one form of pure evil is better than another. Not sold yet? Picture her battle with the returning Fish Mooney. Two psychopathic bitches, each just as power hungry and ruthless as the other, tearing each other apart for control of Gotham. It’s the kind of fight that would make Game of Thrones look like a friendly game of twister.

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