Gotham Star Teases Joker For Series Finale, Possibly Confirms Air Date


If anything, Gotham fans have been absolutely spoiled when it comes to photos pertaining to the series today. Already, we’ve glimpsed yet another shot of the next Joker evolution, gotten a sneak peek at what’s likely to be Batman’s actual costume that more so resembles a valiant DIY cosplay of Christian Bale’s Dark Knight, and been treated to a host of images taken from the next episode to air, that being “I am Bane.”

For now, though, we’re going to shift the focus back to the Clown Prince of Crime. In this instance, we’re gifted with something more official, yet all the more cryptic. Thanks to actor Cameron Monaghan, his Instagram page has yielded the goodie in question.

As you can see below, all we have to go on in a visual sense is an extreme closeup of his purple and green costume, but it’s the caption that really caught my eye:

“Mr. J
April 25th”

So, if the producers still can’t call the horribly scarred Jeremiah Valeska “the Joker” in the finale, then maybe they’ll at least refer to him as “Mr. J.” Hey, even if they’re still restricted by red tape, we as Batman fans know who he really is.

As for April 25th, that’s the first I’m hearing about the series finale’s air date. But while I’m glad to learn it’s probably set in stone, I’m disappointed because that means the show will soon endure an unexpected hiatus.

You see, for the month of March, we have the aforementioned “I am Bane” waiting for us on the 21st, with a re-run of “Trespassers” set to follow on the 28th. Taking into account how the finale (episode 12) looks to arrive on April 25th, then I’d assume episode 11 will drop on April 18th.

Really, Fox? You’re going to jerk Gotham viewers around by making them wait four weeks to see the final two episodes? That, my friends, grinds my gears.