Gotham’s Andrew Sellon Warns That “No One Is Safe” Going Into Season 5


People of Gotham (and fans of the hit prequel series, of course): hold onto your butts, for season 5 is shaping up to be one for the ages.

Pegged to arrive in the early stages of 2019, the show’s fifth and final installment seemingly won’t think twice about bringing the axe down on some of our on-screen favorites, after series star Andrew Sellon warned viewers that, in Gotham season 5, “no one is safe.” Yikes.

Sellon sat down with Bam Smack Pow (h/t to discuss the show’s forthcoming curtain call, and why it’ll strive to keep everyone on their toes as it begins to close the book on this incredible Batman prequel series. We’re in No Man’s Land now, folks, and it’s a war out there.

If you thought Gotham was a tough town before, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet. No Man’s Land is literally a war zone, and absolutely no one is safe. There’s danger – and potentially death – around every corner. But somehow out of all the anarchy and violence, a couple of heroes are rising.

On a more general note, Andrew Sellon is incredibly excited, if a little emotional, about Gotham reaching its final season, as he’ll miss the “amazing family” behind Fox’s brooding crime saga – even if the total episode count was reduced when the network announced its one-season renewal.

The vibe on set continues to be amazing, if bittersweet. We’re all going to miss being together big-time, but we’re cherishing every wacky moment. I’ve been on a lot of sets; this one remains extraordinary for its commitment to the vision and its close-knit family vibe. What an amazing family we have.

Despite having our season shortened, everyone is there delivering 150 percent to give Gotham‘s fans the insanely high quality they’ve come to expect”, Sellon continued. “Fans won’t be disappointed. Every show has to end sometime, and if anything, the cast and crew have bonded that much more in our determination to send Gotham out in the style it deserves.

The 10-episode fifth season of Gotham will be with us early next year. And heed Sellon’s warning, because it seems none of our on-screen favorites are safe from the show’s newfound threats.

Source: BSP