Gotham Cast Will Come Back For A Reunion On One Condition


Considering how Gotham concluded its five-season run this past spring, I’m not sure if I’m ready to think about any sort of primetime rival just yet. On the other hand, I’m totally down for DC continuing it as a comic book series just as they once did with Smallville, but that’s a discussion we’ve already had at length.

Regardless, nothing can stop diehard fans from wanting more or dreaming of what the future might bring. In fact, when the cast reunited for a panel conducted at DragonCon in Atlanta, they were asked about the possibility of a revival down the line.

Here’s what Harvey Bullock himself, Donal Logue, had to say when confronted with that question:

“I think if the other people were involved, we’d absolutely be down to do it together. It would just get funky if it was [without them]. We were really very close and will remain so. … It’d be hard to imagine doing this stuff without Ben [McKenzie].”

Previously, Fox had brought back other popular series such as 24, The X-Files and Prison Break for limited runs, so we can’t rule out them giving Gotham similar treatment down the line. If they were to, say, resurrect it for six more episodes and show us more of the Batman which David Mazouz blossomed into, then I would definitely tune in. That said, such a thing would be at least several years away.

Logue’s co-star, Robin Lord Taylor, also had something to add, saying:

“It’s a whole different world now, it’s insane. Nothing goes away anymore. And also, our show hits Netflix on September 30th, the final season comes out on Netflix September 30th, and people are just going to continue to discover the show. So as the years go on, it just gets bigger and bigger. It’s really exciting.”

I think the Penguin has a valid point there, folks, because Netflix will introduce Gotham to a wider audience. It’d be great to likewise see it granted syndication on a television network like TNT or FX, but we’ve heard nothing on that front just yet. The series finale did happen to be the 100th episode though, so the show does indeed qualify for syndication and as such, fingers remain crossed.