Gotham Cast Talk Flash Crossover, Joker Return, And Doppelgangers At NYCC


This weekend at New York Comic Con, the cast of Gotham greeted a legion of devoted fans and answered a few burning questions surrounding the show’s third season. As with any TV show based on a comic book, theories are forever rampant, so it’s always welcome to get answers straight from the source, even if they can’t always go into as much detail as desired.

With superhero crossovers being the talk of the town, many fans hope for Gotham to be able to eventually participate. But just because two series are based on DC properties doesn’t mean that titanium hard red tape between networks can be cut. And, despite Gotham airing on Fox and shows such as The Flash and Arrow residing over at The CW, that doesn’t mean that David Mazouz (Bruce Wayne) can’t dream like the rest of us:

“Now that The Flash can time travel, I wouldn’t mind if Grant Gustin ran a little bit back in time and ended up in the GCPD.”

Something that we can never seem to stop talking about – and rightfully so – is the eventual return of Cameron Monaghan’s Jerome Valeska, the man who would be Joker. This particular subject was one that Mazouz seemed willing to discuss, yet remained a little bit coy regarding:

“When all the monsters were leaving at the end of the season, I thought I heard a laugh.”

Robin Lord Taylor (The Penguin), however, seemed a bit more enthusiastic with his response:

“There’s no question. I am over the moon about it. [Cameron Monaghan] is an amazing, amazing actor. We’re so happy to have him back.”

Finally, we have to touch on Bruce Wayne’s mysterious doppelganger, which is undoubtedly one of the hottest topics concerning season 3. Fans have been wondering if he’s Hush, Lincoln March, or Thomas Wayne Jr. It’s worth pointing out that we have already met Thomas Elliot, the future Hush, but anything is possible. I personally count myself among the ilk that theorized he’s Lincoln March due to the Court of Owls’ heavy involvement this year, but Mazouz says this character is a bit more of a creative goulash:

“This Bruce is not completely somebody from the comic books, but it’s kind of a mix of Gotham originality and maybe one or two of those theories that I just mentioned.”

Gotham airs Monday nights on Fox.