Gotham Cast Tease Spring Premiere In New Video, Evidence For Barbara Becoming Harley Quinn Piles Up


Believe it or not, the wait for Gotham‘s spring premiere is nearly over, with the Batman prequel show returning from a painful three-month hiatus in exactly two weeks. With this in mind, DC All Access caught up with key members of the principal cast at WonderCon in order to provide some much needed insight into season 3B. And although there’s some footage included from the recent trailer that boasted the likes of Poison Ivy and Firefly, there’s actually a generous amount that’s gone unseen until now.

As for what participating series regulars had to say, well, none other than Cory Michael Smith divulged what he could about his character of Edward Nygma taking huge strides toward becoming the Riddler. On the one hand, he’s actually rising to power in Gotham City and needs to keep his composure, but on the other, he can’t help but want to take credit for crimes he’s committed. It’s this compulsion that’s long been a signature trait of the iconic villain, and we can’t wait to see where he goes in the next seven episodes.

Aside from him, Erin Richards probably had the most interesting things to say, one of which sounded like she was teasing Barbara Kean developing an attraction to Nygma. Beyond that, she hints at a major falling out with Tabitha and “a massive character reveal at the end.”

It may sound like a bit of a leap to some, but bear with us, because she could very well be referring to her character transitioning to becoming Harley Quinn. Those who regularly follow news pertaining to the series are already aware that discussions for such a thing have taken place and that Harley will, in some form, show up in the season finale. Taking all this into account, you have to admit that everything is adding up a little too well, isn’t it?

Gotham returns with new episodes on Monday, April 24 on Fox.