Gotham’s David Mazouz Wants To Play Damian Wayne In The DCEU


It’s not easy playing a pint-sized version of Batman, but young actor David Mazouz has managed to win over the Dark Knight’s legion of fans thanks to his strong performance as the teen Bruce Wayne over the past three seasons of Gotham. Is it good enough for him to make the leap into the Batman movie franchise proper, though? Mazouz himself sure seems to think so.

The 16-year-old actor has taken to Twitter this week to share some fan art that imagines him playing Damian Wayne, Bruce’s son and sidekick Robin. Mazouz made it clear that he would love to portray the character, and has even launched a hashtag for it: #davidfordamien. “I mean if DC is casting…,” he wrote, before urging fans to promote his interest in the part.

Ever since his debut in 2006, Damian has become an increasingly important figure in the Batman mythos. He’s now a major part of DC Rebirth in the comics and has graced the screen in the likes of several DC animated movies and the Arkham video games. Seeing as the DCEU has been inspired by recent comics so far, we really wouldn’t be surprised to see Damian show up on the big screen at some point.

In terms of personality, Damian is definitely a chip off the old block and shares a lot of the same intensity and grim outlook as his father. In that way, Mazouz would be perfect for the part. He’s already nailed an adolescent Batman, so playing Batman’s adolescent son would be right in his wheelhouse. The only thing is that Gotham would likely have to be cancelled so that the actor could find the time to make the movies.

Even if Mazouz doesn’t get the chance to don the red and green outfit of Robin on the big screen though, he’s about to don a black cowl and costume in the new season of Gothamwhich sees Bruce finally stepping up as a masked vigilante.

Source: Twitter