Gotham EP Reveals New Photos Of Jerome Valeska


Is it just me, or is the wait for Gotham‘s midseason premiere especially painful? I mean, we know the show is coming back, but no concrete release date has been given. And, to compound that, the midseason finale left us off on a cliffhanger that featured none other than Jerome Valeska.

But even though we don’t know how we should mark our calendars, it seems the network is pretty confident having Cameron Monaghan’s brilliant proto-Joker as an ace up their sleeve. Heck, they wasted no time including him in social media promotion once 2018 arrived.

This time, though, it’s executive producer Danny Cannon who’s helping tide us over. Taking full advantage of his Instagram page, the writer/director declassified some new images of Jerome: One showing him bloodied after a fight with the Penguin and another letting his fellow inmate at Arkham Asylum know that “there is no spoon.” Hey, if you can think up a better caption, we’d like to hear it.

What’s kind of funny about all this is that the producers have stated Jerome isn’t the Joker, but in the trailer for “Pieces of a Broken Mirror” that can be seen at the top, a Joker card is plainly displayed for all to view. To be honest, I think the situation here is that they’re not allowed to call Jerome “the Joker” as to not interfere with anything WB’s motion picture division is cooking up. But, we all know the path he’s going down, so he is and he isn’t, if that makes sense.

Gotham returns with new episodes this spring on Fox.