The Joker’s Arrival Will Be The Darkest Thing Gotham’s Ever Done


After years of teases, the Joker has finally come to Gotham. In the latest episode of Fox’s Batman prequel series, the truth of how Cameron Monaghan can be playing both Jerome Valeska and the Joker was revealed. But this is just the beginning of the Clown Prince of Crime’s iconic history, and the actor himself has now teased that the rest of season 4 is going to go to some very dark places.

Monaghan took to Twitter to make a promise to Gotham fans that the final three episodes of the season will feature some of the “darkest, most frightening” material ever seen on the show, as the Caped Crusader’s future nemesis likely makes his mark on the corrupt city for the first time – apparently in a way that’s “new and subtle.”

Here’s how Monaghan put it:

I seriously can’t wait for you all to meet this guy in the final three episodes of the season. He’s different than what you all might expect. He’s new and subtle, and I genuinely think he might be the darkest, most frightening thing this show has ever done.

In “A Dark Knight: That’s Entertainment,” fan favorite Jerome appeared to meet his doom once and for all as he plummeted to his death. But it turns out that we were worrying about the wrong Valeska. Jerome’s newly-introduced twin Jeremiah was left a twisted posthumous surprise by his brother which snapped his mind. After a dose of purple gas, he was left cackling hysterically and looking pretty pale. There’s no doubt about it this time, the Joker is here.

Note that Monaghan says the last three episodes of the season will deal with the rise of Jeremiah, suggesting that next week’s installment will take a break from the character before things really kick off. If you can’t wait that long, however, set photos have already given us our first glimpse of Monaghan as the Joker, complete with a dapper purple fashion sense and bleached white skin. Just as fans have always predicted, the actor looks perfect in the part.

Gotham season 4 continues next Thursday, April 19th on Fox with episode 19, titled “A Dark Knight: To Our Deaths And Beyond.”

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