Gotham Showrunner Talks “Prenatal Robin” And Harley Quinn Plans

Robin Harley Quinn

Gotham is already overflowing with supervillains-to-be, with more on the way, but what it currently lacks is a glimpse at what heroes may eventually join Bruce Wayne and Jim Gordon in their fight to clean up the streets of the rather nasty titular city. We’ve of course heard countless rumors about who could show up on the series, from Robin to Harley Quinn and even the Joker himself, and as it turns out, some of those aren’t as outlandish as you may think.

Showrunner Bruno Heller recently spoke with EW about some of the future plans for the series, and was obviously asked about what characters could still pop up in the show’s ever-expanding roster of DC heroes and villains. He confirmed a recent rumor that the Graysons would be coming to the show at some point, and hinted at a “prenatal” origin story for Batman’s famous sidekick:

“We’re going to do a prenatal origin story for Robin down the line. There are no MRIs involved. There’s an episode coming up where we learn how Robin’s parents got together.”

Robin won’t be the only young Gothamite headed for the show, though, as Heller also confirmed that the adolescent Poison Ivy – who was played by Clare Foley in the pilot – will return at some point, and also spoke a bit about how the series will introduce Scarecrow, who will essentially be the Boba Fett of the Gotham universe and take after his scary father:

“This is not a kid being a loony Scarecrow; this is a couple episodes about how that character has evolved – everyone’s character is formed in their childhood to some degree or another. His father is involved, as is part of the [character’s] mythology.”