Gotham Returns With New Trailer And Three New Clips


Gotham ended on an exciting note last season, as Hugh Strange’s experiments escaped captivity and set off into the night, meaning that Gotham is now populated with even more monsters than ever before and has to deal with all the weirdness and more than a few conspiracies, as this new trailer and sneak peek clips highlight.

As the footage here shows us, there’s plenty to contend with this season – the resurrection of Fish Mooney (Jada Pinkett Smith), the introduction of Vickie Vale’s aunt Valerie Vale (Jamie Chung), and the issues surrounding a conspiracy somewhere in the depths of Wayne Enterprises. Many questions are open from last season as well, so hopefully Gotham will continue to drive forward with some high quality superhero television and provide at least a few answers before too long.

As for the clips, the first one focuses on young Bruce Wayne’s confrontation with his Board of Directors – and also showcases some badass lessons in manners from Alfred. The second one, meanwhile, gives us a nice little scene between Gordon and Valerie Vale, with plenty of sparks flying every which way. Finally, we have the return of Fish Mooney, as Oswald Cobblepot warns of the dangers posed by the Indian Hill escapees. No hint yet about that weird Bruce Wayne doppelganger wandering about, but you can be sure that will be an interesting plot point when they get to it.

Gotham doesn’t premiere for another three days, so we’re likely to see another sneak peek before then. These clips alone certainly make the series seem intriguing though, although anyone who doesn’t watch Gotham religiously might very well be lost in the plot by now. There’s lots of places for this season to go and, as Eric Joseph says in his review, the show’s probably not going to disappoint.

Gotham premieres on Monday, September 22 on Fox.

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