Gotham Season 2B Poster Teases The “Wrath Of The Villains”



Fox has released a new banner and poster for the February return of their Batman prequel series, Gotham. By the end of the Fall finale quite a lot had gone down, and we’ll no doubt see some of the fallout of the various characters’ actions – most specifically Jim Gordon’s straight-up execution of Theo Galavan – when the show returns next month.

Last time, the villains rose, and it seems we’re now going to feel their wrath. Edward Nygma and Selina Kyle will no doubt continue on their paths to becoming classic Bat-baddies the Riddler and Catwoman, and while Penguin may have helped vanquish his arch rival and the man who arranged the murder of his mother, he still has a long way to go to assert himself as the true crime-lord of Gotham – and remember, daddy’s coming to town. 

Plus, we’re going to see Mr. Freeze make his debut as played by House of Cards actor Nathan Darrow. Though the character was actually introduced during the midseason finale, it should be very interesting to witness the events that lead Wayne Enterprises cryogenics engineer Victor Fries to take up the freeze gun after the death of his beloved wife Nora, who’ll be played by Kristen Hager.

Gotham returns will all-new episodes on February 29.

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