Gotham Star Explains Why Season 5 Will Be So Special


After half a decade of building up the Batman universe as we know it, from telling Bruce Wayne’s origins to following Jim Gordon’s rise up the GCPD to introducing many of the city’s worst criminals, Gotham is about to wrap it up in its upcoming fifth season. By nature of being a prequel show, the Fox series has had to hold certain things back but now that the end’s in sight, we can look forward to Gotham doing everything the fans want to see.

While speaking at Toronto’s Fan Expo last weekend, Robin Lord Taylor – who’s played Oswald Cobblepot AKA The Penguin on the show since the beginning – was on hand to explain what’ll make season 5 the best one yet. The actor said that knowing this will be the last run has made everyone up their game and bring their best work to the table. Taylor teased that there will also be a lot of emotion that you can only get when the story’s coming to a close.

“After season one, we started making it more of a serialized story so that stories blended into each other so that things that happened in episode two carried into episode three, four. Once that happened, it all has melded into one story. I will say that there’s something special about these ten episodes, because we’re coming to an end and we’re launching these characters into the place that you all know them from — that you think of when you think of these people.

I will say, too, that we’re just on episode four, but the amount of emotion that’s real…there’s so much heart in all of these episodes, because we’ve carried this story with us for five years and so now to give it the justice it needs, we’re all putting all of our strength into every moment.”

Gotham season 5 is set to begin with a revamp of the status quo. Following the events of the season 4 finale “No Man’s Land,” the city’s in worse shape than ever. Quarantined from the outside world, criminals have taken over Gotham, including the Penguin himself. After all, a recent set photo showed Cobblepot’s face adorning a poster, which presumably indicates that the crime boss has carved out his own turf.

Gotham‘s final season will consist of 10 episodes and may even end with Bruce becoming the Bat. Be sure to catch it when it returns in early 2019.