Gotham Star Says Iconic Batman Moment Is Imminent


“Yes, father. I shall become a bat.”

Thanks to Frank Miller’s classic tale Batman: Year One, those are the words we normally associate with the moment when Bruce Wayne fully realizes his destiny. Sure, there were past variations, but the above words were more comparable to something you’d actually hear someone say out loud. Admit it: Not many people shout “Omen!” when nobody else is in the room.

Anyway, the reason we’re bringing this up is because it looks as though we may soon witness something similar to that iconic moment before the current season of Gotham wraps. But before we break it down any further, let’s have a look at what David Mazouz, the young Bruce himself, had to say when appearing on Discussing Film:

“I know there were a lot of restrictions put on the show regarding bats early on, so I’m no sure what we’re allowed to do at this point. But bats will be on the show very soon, and there will be a form of bat encounter. There will be a very clear form of that iconic moment of Bruce being afraid of bats and having a connection to bats and it won’t be in the way that it’s already been done. This is a new approach and it is going to be an alternative version. But that encounter will definitely happen and it will happen fairly soon when we come back.”

From that, it sounds like what we’ll get may be more comparable to something right out of The Man Who Falls (both Batman Begins and Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice drew inspiration from that) rather than Year One, but we’ll just have to wait and see.

Still, we shouldn’t be too shocked that a new spin will be put on that pivotal moment because this series is known for deviating from what’s expected (just ask Jerome Valeska). Either way, it sounds like Bruce is one step closer to hanging up his Midnighter-looking costume and becoming the Dark Knight that we know and love.

Gotham returns with new episodes this spring on Fox.