Gotham Star Reaffirms That Jerome Is Teaming Up With Scarecrow And Mad Hatter


Now that Gotham has finally resumed its thrilling fourth season, we’re more than ready for Jerome Valeska to make his return next week. In fact, if you also happen to be a fan of Cameron Monaghan’s proto-Joker, you should be elated to know that we’ll likely be seeing much more of him before the current run wraps.

In case you hadn’t heard, a recent indicator had been that of some comments made by executive producers John Stephens and Danny Cannon, saying that Jerome will soon be forming his own “Legion of Horribles.” Basically, he plans on uniting the more recognizable burgeoning supervillains under his own insane vision before spreading Arkham Asylum’s madness out into Gotham City at large.

This time, it’s series lead Ben McKenzie who’s confirming that Jerome has indeed shot some scenes with two specific villains, offering the following up in a recent discussion with Entertainment Weekly:

“He teams up with Scarecrow and Mad Hatter. You get a lot of villainous bang for your buck here at the end of season 4.”

Knowing that both Scarecrow and Mad Hatter are absent from next week’s episode, “A Dark Knight: A Beautiful Darkness,” it’s all but certain that there’s much more of Jerome to come this spring. Furthermore, something else McKenzie had to lend is sure to raise a few eyebrows:

“Jerome is one of our most beloved characters. The idea here was to really give the audience more time to enjoy and savor [Cameron Monaghan’s] performance,” McKenzie says, pausing before he adds, “Or performances?”

You know, it’s statements like that which add further validation to our theory of the Joker being a new personality that’ll soon emerge and overwrite Jerome, similar to what could be witnessed in Grant Morrison’s “The Clown at Midnight” comic book. Granted, it may not go down exactly like that, but the evidence mounts by the day.

Gotham airs on Thursday nights on Fox.

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