Gotham Writer Teases Bruce’s Path To Becoming Batman In Season 5


After months of hearing that its fate was in the balance, Gotham was finally confirmed to be getting a fifth season last Sunday. The downside is, though, that it will not only be a shortened run, at only 13 episodes, but it will also be the final outing for the show. And seeing as the series is built around what happens before Batman arrives in Gotham City, we can be sure that David Mazouz’s teen Bruce Wayne will finally become the legendary Dark Knight before things wrap up.

A few days before the renewal occurred, CinemaBlend spoke with Gotham script writer and exec producer Jon Stephens about what the plan is for Bruce in season 5. While he wouldn’t spill too much, Stephens had some interesting things to say, including the fact that Master Wayne could see his personality split into multiple personalities as he gets ever closer to donning a cape and cowl.

“I feel like we’ve given him a whole bunch of stuff. But next year, we have more elements of the persona to have him start to juggle. Like the idea of…we have him juggle multiple identities next year. And that’s gonna cause its own problems and cause him to regress in other ways. So yeah, it’s not a straight line, but I’m not that concerned about it. We’re not breaking for the finish line of him being Batman.”

Gotham season 4 really upped its game in bringing Bruce closer to becoming the Caped Crusader than ever before. He started out as a masked vigilante, wearing an enhanced suit and utilizing gadgets designed by Lucius Fox, he got a proto-version of the Batmobile, and he even received a nightmare vision of the Bat himself. Not to mention the finale saw him answer Gordon’s call when the police commissioner lit up what we know will become the Bat-Signal.

It’ll be interesting to see if they go with David Mazouz’s idea for how he wants the series to end, which is to take a page out of Smallvlle‘s book and have the last shot be Bruce putting on the cowl for the first time. It’d be a cool way to conclude things, to be sure, and we’ll see if that’s indeed the direction they head in when Gotham returns for the final time in 2019.

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