Gotham’s David Mazouz Wants To See A Young Clark Kent On The Show



Fox’s Batman origin series, Gotham, has already introduced a great number of classic DC characters, and there are plans to introduce plenty more when the show returns for its third season this September. Up until now, all of these established heroes and villains have been closely associated with the Caped Crusader – but could we see anyone from the wider DC Comics universe make an appearance?

David Mazouz (Bruce Wayne) certainly hopes so, and he’s set his sights very high indeed. During an interview with IGN, the young actor outlined the approach he’d take to bringing a teenage Clark Kent into the proceedings.

I think it’d be really cool to have a young Clark Kent on the show. To have a 15-year-old Clark Kent. I know in Batman v Superman they played it like Metropolis and Gotham are twin cities, so it wouldn’t be that hard to take a boat ride over for Clark.

With everything The CW has planned for the Clark Kent/Superman character on season 2 of Supergirl, an actual appearance from the fledgling Man of Steel is probably not very likely. Still, a little easter egg or reference might be possible – and Mazouz has an idea for that, too.

You know, Clark Kent as a teenager saves a busload of kids from drowning, right? It would just be really cool to just start a scene in the GCPD and just pan, like start on a newspaper that says, ’15-Year-Old Boy in Metropolis Saves Busload of Kids From Drowning.’ And then just pan up and have a regular scene that has nothing to do with the … throw a little hint.

Again, probably just wishful thinking, but you never know.

Tell us, would you guys like to see a Superman reference on Gotham, or would you rather the show focus on the Batman mythos only?

Source: IGN