Is Gotham’s Riddler Going To Get His Iconic Green Suit?


Season two of Gotham has seen the hit Fox series take things in a very interesting and unexpected direction when it comes to the evolution of The Riddler. In fact, this year has seen actor Cory Michael Smith essentially playing two different characters, as Edward Nygma’s fractured psyche has led to something of a split personality.

With Ed on one side and a darker, twisted version on the other, it’s going to be very interesting to see how this leads to the character transforming into Gotham‘s Riddler, a villain who causes all sorts of headaches for Batman down the line.


In a recent interview, Smith was asked if he’ll at some point be sporting the iconic green suit which has of course become a staple of the villain in the comic books. His answer was very surprising to say the least, and it sounds like a green suit is actually very close to being seen in Gotham. Is this yet another villain who will take on their famous moniker before Bruce Wayne dons the cape and cowl?

“Certainly a green suit. Not the Riddler suit yet, but there will be some more green.”

This sounds like a very interesting twist, and Ed’s transformation into The Riddler is going to be fun to see play out over what’s left of season two of Gotham…so long as they get things right and don’t rush it.