Gregory Returns To Find Maggie At The Hilltop In New Walking Dead Clip


This week on AMC’s The Walking Dead, Rick and his allies’ all-out war against the Saviors will continue, but there’s much more going on than just that, as this new clip for the upcoming episode, titled “Monsters,” shows us.

In it, we see Gregory return to the Hilltop, after betraying Rick and co., no less. As expected, he’s not exactly greeted with a smile, as Maggie is none too happy to see him. Still, he tries his best to reason with her, saying:

“I live here. This is my home. I built this place. You weren’t here for that but some of us didn’t just show up.”

Maggie stands her ground, though, calling him out for his betrayal and refusing to let him in – for now, at least. The clip doesn’t let us see how the situation is resolved, but it’s a welcome look at the upcoming episode regardless.

The official synopsis for “Monsters” was released a few weeks ago and gives us further clues as to what it might deliver. In particular, it teases that this installment will deal with the tricky ethical issues that rise up when fighting a war. Good people being forced to do terrible things out of desperation is pretty much The Walking Dead‘s MO, so this looks like a textbook slice of the show – which is a good thing.

“Conflict with the Saviors leads to unintended consequences for the Hilltop, the Kingdom, and Alexandria. Morality proves tricky in wartime.”

The Walking Dead season 8 continues on Sunday, November 5th. And yes, AMC’s flagship will explore Negan’s dark backstory in the not-so-distant future, while there have also been rumblings that Carl Grimes is about to meet his maker. Say it ain’t so, AMC!